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Pie 22 Louisiana's Blackberry Pie

Me and my boyfriend ( future husband) Prom 1993

It’s LOVE week and I wanted to celebrate with some sort of berry pie. I decided to save the Strawberry Pie for the Spring when I can get to the farms and pick them fresh. I spotted some gorgeous looking blackberries at the grocery store, so LOUISIANA’S Blackberry Pie it is. Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day I thought I would tell you a little love story of boy meets girl❤️

top crust

I’m taking it way back to the early 90’s, a time of denim vests and overalls, and baggy jeans, the baggier the better. My high school friend group was a mix of boys and girls, drama geeks, track stars, band nerds, and swimmers like me. We were really good kids, but we were teenagers. Some of us were already 16, newly licensed drivers. One of our friends was just about to have a birthday and we all had this brilliant idea that we would drag her out of bed early in the morning, throw her in the TRUNK of a car and take her to IHOP😆 Brilliant! So we gathered in front of her house at the crack of dawn, planning out our strategy when one our friends pulls up with some guy we had never seen before. This new guy is cute, sort of a young Johnny Depp. I’m nudging my friends, who’s that?! He was best friends with one of the guys in our group and went to a different high school across town. We split up into multiple cars, our friend in the trunk of one of them, somehow I ended up with the new guy in his red Hyundai. I’m in the back seat, he’s driving. I notice the cute way he flicks on his turn signal. I’m staring interestingly at the back of his head memorizing the waves in his dark brown hair. We catch eyes a few times in the rear view mirror. At IHOP we take turns sneaking glances at one another, until one of us awkwardly notices and turns away. I didn’t even know him, but I was giddy, too giddy to eat pancakes. Back at our friend’s house, we were all just hanging out, the two of us tossing a hackey sack back and forth, playfully. Eventually we all had to go home, we were tired, after all we had kidnapped our friend in the wee hours of the morning. I didn’t want the day to end. I called my friend later that day( new guys bestie) told him to give him my #. I waited by my phone (you know because it’s plugged into the wall), it rang, it made me jump and my heart race, there he was. It wasn’t long after our first date that I told my parents I was going to marry him, they laughed at their silly teenage daughter. I’ve known him for more than half my life now and we’ve been married for 23 years and he still sends my heart racing❤️

I wish I could say this all happened in Louisiana, but it didn’t😆 But this pie is perfect for your Valentine Sweetheart or Galentine parties. Blackberries are native to Louisiana and this Southern treat is loaded with the fresh berries. I love the simplicity of a berry pie. The sweet blackberries are the star of the show, with very few other ingredients needed. You know it’s ready when the deep pigment of the blackberry juice spills through the crust. Imagine a warm slice of this pie, softened berries, in a buttery pastry, each bite sweet, with just a hint of tart, it’s a match made in heaven.

Dedicated to my soulmate who’s brought so much sweetness into my life💕 Thanks for following along on my pie journey. Link to @tasteofhome article ‘50 Pies for 50 States’ in bio.

Originally Published February 12020

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