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Pie 23 Nebraska's Dutch Cranberry-Apple

When I see this picture my mouth still waters for this pie- so good!

Did you know Nebraska has been ranked as one of the happiest states to live in? Maybe it’s because Kool-Aid is their official soft drink or TV dinners were invented there😃 When driving through the state you think corn, corn, corn, but ‘Beautiful Nebraska’ has so much more to offer, and that comes from the heart and soul of the people. I gave NEBRASKA’S Dutch Cranberry-Apple Pie a patriotic look because I think The Cornhusker State is the Heart of America.🌽🌽🌽

Piping tips are a great tool to add a little design to your pie crust

Homesteaders arrived in the region in the 1860’s to claim free land. These settlers, tirelessly worked to transform this dry space into the farms and ranches of today. Including the sprawling apple orchards. Because of this foundation Nebraska is one of the biggest producers of agriculture, the Breadbasket to the US and parts of the world. Not to mention one of the top cattle producing states. In 1895 Nebraska was know as the ‘Tree Planters State,’ the nickname was changed in 1945 to ‘The Cornhusker State,’ for the University of Nebraska Basketball Team🏀

When I think of Nebraska I can’t help but remember my old neighbor/friend. She was from the Midwest and had lived in the state. She was always the smiling face on the corner. You couldn’t help but feel happy when you saw her. They were the baseball loving, spirit gear -wearing family. The type of family that had their priorities aligned right. Her hearty belly laugh was infectious, and genuine. They say Nebraskans are thrifty and excellent bargain hunters. My neighbor was always on the hunt for a treasure and couldn’t wait to show off her newest one-dollar find. Beyond corn and cattle, I think Nebrasakan’s are genuinely rich in life, kind hearted, down to earth folks, that find joy in the simple things like sporting events or Runza sandwiches, at least if they’re anything like my neighbor.

This Dutch Cranberry-Apple Pie takes the most popular backyard fruit in the state, apples, and blends them with spirited red cranberries, and penny pinching raisins. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar infuse the fruits with inviting warm flavors. There’s a pop of citrus and a crunch of walnuts in each bite and the sweet crumb topping softens the tartness of the cranberries just so. And like the people of The Heartland, when brought together these simple ingredients make a big impact, leaving you filled with love.❤️

The perfect Summer Picnic Pie

Cheers :)

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